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  • Serious Airflow
    Creates airflow that spans one-third the length of a football field (36.6 meters!) Could covers a area 500㎡ maximum.
  • Quiet & Efficient
    Gearless direct-drive motor draws electricity only 0.5~0.7 KW Per hour (that’s less power than a toaster).
    Quiet enough to hold a conversation right next to the fan.
  • Infinite Speed Control
    Variable speed controller offers maximum 200Turns/Min fully-adjustable airflow.
  • Petite
    Stands just under 2.1m tall Fits through standard interior doors.
  • Easy to use, Easy to move
    Arrives pre-assembled—just roll it off the pallet and go.
    Comes standard with strong wheels.
    Includes handles on both sides for easy manoeuvring.
    Plugs into any standard 220V power supply.
    5 Meters power cord extends FAN reach.


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