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Keep your steam room fresh with SAWO’s aroma pump and essences.

Good news! The SAWO Aroma Pump lets you inhale the freshness of garden inside your steam room. The aroma pump carries the aroma to the steam generator that releases the fresh aroma to your steam room. It has been noted that aroma scents has a better effect mentally and physically which has been used by many therapists for improving wellness.

SAWO Aroma Pump is a helpful tool on creating a soothing steam room atmosphere. It is very easy to install and use.

The Interface Holders not only look good on the wall, but they are very convenient too. You don’t have to drill a large hole onto your steam room wall when using a holder. As the control unit can be easily removed from the wooden mounting, it’s also highly recommended in case of maintenance work is needed.

SAWO steam door is easy to mount using silicone or with screws.

» aluminum door jamb
» frosted 8mm tempered glass door
» stainless door handle set
» 3 heavy duty hinges
» magnetic door lock
» sealed rubber gasket
» plastic water catcher
» wedges for easy installation
» extra screws and rubber caps
» silicone, allen wrench and screw guide included

The steam head plays important role in steam bathing as it breaks the sudden forceful steam outburst converting it into soft and mild cloud of steam. The fluent design of SAWO steam head minimizes the hissing sound produced by high pressure.

All the STP Steam Generators come with a temperature sensor. The STP temperature sensor is covered with a plastic top to protect it. It comes with a 7.5-meter wire, so it can be placed conveniently.

The Venturi Pipe is a device that vacuums the air inside the tube which makes the hot molecules to cool down. This process will create more cloud of soft steam and prevent hizzing sound from the steam pipe.

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